Kaicho Henk Kuipers 10th dan
President WIBK

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Founded by Kaicho Jon Bluming 10th dan from de Bilt in Holland .

Kaicho Jon Bluming start his carreer in 1958 with judo in the kodokan Tokyo Japan not unsuccesfull and started also his first trainings in the kyokushin Honbu of Sosai Mas Oyama .
In 1964 he was the first not Japanese 6th dan degree black belt in the world (grandmaster).
In 2006 he annanauced Shihan Henk Kuipers to be the owner of his legacy , and Shihan Henk Kuipers become in 2012 the youngest 10th dan Kaicho in the world and still taking care of the all round basic ideas of the IBK of Jon Bluming.
After Kaicho Jon Bluming past away 17december 2018 at the age of 85 he develop the IBK with a group of top class instructors.

Kancho Sergey Badyuk 10th dan Russia (advisor allround fighting)
Kancho Lucien Carbin 10th dan Holland ( advisor kickboxing)
Hanshi Bert Kops 8th dan Holland ( advisor MMA )

Sensei Alec Kuipers 3rd dan Holland ( daishihan kaicho )

Kaicho Henk Kuipers start his carreer in 1972 and fight and teach almost in every country .
Former World champion king of the ring ,10th dan IBK , 10th dan Tai Jutsu cd , 8th dan krav maga (livens style) 8th dan Aikido, 3rd dan Free fight (Dolman) 3rd Dan Ashihara karate , 3rd dan Oyama karate ( usa ) and 1st dan Judo he can look back of a martial arts life full of experience .

Kaicho Henk Kuipers goal is to rebuild the Word IBK as a union who only support the best .

World international Budokai

Don’t search your luck, in places you lost it!



Honbu WIBK
Am Rogelberg 5
49716 Meppen
Kaicho Henk Kuipers 10th dan President WIBK
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